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2/8: Trip Cost and Broadway Update

Everyone needs to plan for $1740 total. I've emailed chaperones separately who have double rooms. This will help you figure your final payment in March. On Feb. 10, everyone will owe another $200. You can take payments to the school bank starting Monday, Feb. 8. Please do not figure what you have left and pay it all next week. It's possible our cost could go down slightly. We don't have final costs for our rental truck and a couple other details. Right now, they're figured in as estimates. I'll have the final/firm cost in the next couple weeks (after the Feb. 10 payment).
In addition to this info, I need to let everyone know we've decided to not provide a meal card on this trip. The majority of our meals are provided while in NYC. You'll need to plan for meals starting with lunch in DC, dinner that night and meals the following day. There might be a lunch on your own in NYC. I'm estimating $50-$75 for that with addition money if you wish to spend a lot on trinkets. Since this amount is much smaller than previous trip years, I've decided to save my efforts for other areas. Everyone can keep track of this amount in cash, travelers checks, credit cards or preloaded debit cards on your own.
Broadway shows will be decided next week. We have 65 tickets for Lion King, Les Mis and Wicked. Juniors and Seniors...decide and then come see me for sign-up in my office. I'll open it up to everyone else after that. You have until Wednesday.

2/10: Tour Groups

These are the groups you'll tour with (for the most part). There are certain times we'll have to change this up a bit (broadway shows and clinic times for the 3 concert bands). Please look it over to see that you are with your parent. That was my intent. I do not have your parent as the room sponsor. This is something we avoid. However, as we're about town, you'll want to be in the large group with your parent (remember, they'll have money). I'll post the rooming list later so you know who your room sponsor is.

Winter Concession stand opportunity : Friday, Feb. 26th Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball

Band has an opportunity to work the Varsity boys/girls basketball game on Friday Feb. 26th.

See the concessions page under the "about us" tab for shifts and spots needed.

If you send me an email to request a shift, watch the concessions page for the names of those working.  If you have any questions please let me know.

Jenni Howard
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This is a GREAT resource for you all! College professors demonstrating and giving small master-classes on your audition excerpts. Study up!

The “WSU All-State Videos” can be accessed through the “WSU Bands” webpage: www.wichita.edu/bands

Once the site is accessed, click on “All-State Audition Videos” on the menu located on the left-hand side of the page.

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