Here are some things to think about as we prepare for our "SoCal" trip.

Here is the Master Roster w/some explanation.  In it is everything you need to know about who you will be with, what adults are there to help you and where you need to be. 

  • First, take a look at all the tabs across the bottom.  At the far left, you will see 'Master.'  All the information in the following tabs to the right is contained there.  Scroll down to your name and you will see (to the right in the 'Master' tab):  your cell (check for accuracy and reply in thread or email me with corrections), Traveler Type, Ensemble, KCI Bus, Air Group, Air Chaperone, Charter Bus SD, Charter Bus LA, Hotel Rm, Hotel Chaperone, Secondary Chaperone, and Zoo/Flee tAM. 
  • The tabs, as you navigate to the right, are simplified lists of all the information just mentioned.  I have them there for purposes of taking roll easily AND for you to quickly see who else is in each of your groups.  Plus, it might be helpful for your parents at home to know who you're with and what adult is helping you. 
  • It is VERY important you know who is in your various groups (Hotel, Air Chaperone, KCI bus, Charter Bus LA).  Also, you need to know your Chaperones' phone number (primary, secondary, and Air).  They will be reaching out to you and I would encourage you to do the same.  Parents, if your son/daughter has any special needs or something their chaperone should be aware of, please reach out to them with the cell number provided. 
  • Reminders:  Chaperone meeting Tues. Feb. 27 @ 6:00pm (pizza provided) and FULL student traveler meeting Fri.  March 1 during advisory (you've all already been excused - come straight to the band room and there will be no pizza).  Med Documentation and Agreement Forms are also due that day.  Please don't be late with those.   It's getting close!

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